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– What’s hot in and around Botrivier –

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Botrivier Hotel!

It is amazing that the curtain is almost closing on 2013! The Botrivier Hotel would like to thank everyone that supported us during this year. May you and your family have a blessed Christmas and a very, very happy New Year. Have a look at some of the great events that we have planned for the final days of 2013, as well as the beginning of 2014!

What’s Hot?

Botrivier Community Christmas Market on and around Botrivier Market Square, where there will be something for everyone: good food, excellent wines, craft beer on tap, local Christmas crafts and art, picnics and live entertainment featuring classic folk blues. Best of all its WEATHER PROOFED by Botrivier Hotel with freeform tents. So join us Friday evening 20 December for the Night Market and Saturday 21 December for the morning market. See the line up below for other rocking entertainment already starting on 14 December.

Our Exciting December 2013 Program …

14 Dec: Dec Valiant Swart
15 Dec: Rooibaardt
16 Dec: Bacchus Nel
19 Dec: Radio Kalahari Orkes
20 Dec: Heather Waters playing folk blues & Botrivier Marimba Band & Draadkar
21 Dec: Blues Band
26 Dec: Black Cat Bones & Akkedis
28 Dec: Mr Cat and the Jackal



Just an hour out of Cape Town at the southern tip of Africa, lies an area of such natural beauty and floral diversity as to be recognized as perhaps the world’s greatest biodiversity hot-spot. Size for size, this 100 000 hectare UNESCO registered Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve is home to the most complex biodiversity on our planet! Here we have some 1880 different plant species… the next richest is the South American rainforest with just 420 species per 10000 square kilometres! Biosphere Reserves are ‘new concept’ reserves… nowhere do you see fences to keep ‘people’ out and ‘nature’ in… it is the commitment of local communities, farmers, conservation agencies and local government that protects the magnificent landscapes and unique biodiversity!

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Botrivier Neighbourhood Watch held it’s AGM on the 19th November to elect the committee for the next 12 months. It was unanimously agreed that the committee remain as is with Johan de Kock (Chairman), Johnny Swanepoel (Vice Chairman) Stella Jeffree (Secretary and Treasurer), additional committee members – Noel Greeff, Douglas Hawkins, Eugene Herman and Ivan Swartz. The Mobile Unit of Neighbourhood Watch reported that the village had experienced a relatively crime free period in the last 4 weeks with only 2 serious incidents, one of attempted Telkom Cable theft and one house break-in. Neighbourhood Watch and Mobile Unit wish all the residents of Botrivier a peaceful and Blessed Christmas.

Just to re-cap from the previous newsletter: The Mobile Unit was started by Mike Jeffree and Johan de Kock after the village experienced Telkom Cable theft. The Mobile Unit is a sub-committee of Botrivier Neighbourhood Watch. The Mobile Unit acts purely as the eyes and ears for S.A.P.S and work very closely with the members of the force. Members of the Mobile Unit attended a course in Grabouw for Neighbourhood Watch related training and will be awarded Certificates from SAPS in due course. We appeal to businesses in the Botrivier area for sponsorship as funds are a necessity to keep vehicles on daily patrols. The Mobile Unit runs a Facebook page which brings the residents who have access to the internet up to date on happenings in the village on a daily basis. Contact Mike Jeffree 076 141 5136 or Johan de Kock on 082 326 3711.


Die gebakte produkte van Rienie Abrahams en Paul Engel van Botrivier is deesdae ’n algemene gesig by die Botrivier-plaasmark en ander funksies wat op die dorp plaasvind.

Rienie bak reeds etlike jare en twee jaar gelede het Paul wat by die Mount Nelson- hotel opleiding gehad het en as sjef gewerk het, en selfs in Frankryk die fynere kunsies van kosmaak en gebak geleer het by haar aangesluit. Nou bak en brou die twee Botrivier aan die brand. Rienie se netjiese kombuis is die werklokaal.

Afhangend van die hoeveelheid bestellings daar is, word daar reeds soggens van so vroeg as 04:00 begin met die voorbereidings. Die twee se sukses word boonop toegeskryf aan hul bereidwilligheid om bestellings af te lewer met geen bykomende koste nie.

Behalwe pasteitjies, samoesas en koekies, kan hul ook vir byeenkomste soos troues, doop- en- voorstellings plegtighede en verjaardae ‘n feesmaal voorberei. Vir enige navrae, bel gerus vir Rienie by 072 752 0964


“From the top fo the Houw Hoek Pass, one gets the first glimpse of the vast, rolling hills and big sky of the Bot River area, where real people make real wine”. Read more


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On the R43 just outside Botrivier, Wine It’s new addition to their venue is a packed full of goodies farm stall. Pop in for fresh bread: Mushroom and Onion, Sundried tomato and Olive. Pies: Calvinia lamb pie, vegetable pie and chicken pie. Cupcakes, samoosas, scones, biltong, droewors, olives, olive oil, rooibos tea & Anybos and Liefland cheese. Read more


Although the funding that we applied for to establish the initial infrastructure has not materialized, the team has proceeded from donations to plant the first crop of onions, beans, beetroot, tomatoes, cabbage and pumpkins. Our first harvest of green beans took place last week. We still require compost, manure and bone meal for further planting to enrich the sandy soil. We also need gardening tools and even your lawn cuttings to start our own compost heap. Any donations would be greatly appreciated to help fund this community project. For further enquiries please contact Ian on 079 063 4182

WEF does it stand for Wind Energy Farm or Wind Energy Facility – Electrical generation is an industrial activity and is definitely not FARMING.

Bot River Aesthetics Committee (BRAC) had many people register a protest to the granting of permission for the Langhoogte Wind Energy Facility (WEF) but to date not much feedback has been received. An interesting story from the USA is that a large energy company operating two WEF’s has been fined $1m for killing 10 Golden eagles. Queries were sent to local authorities about them stating that WEFs will provide labour oportunities for local labour by asking how many locals are employed at the Klipheuwel WEF outside Caledon but also no reply yet. Apparently a member of BRAC was told by a very reliable source that not one local has been employed there.

BRAC has also objected to the Departure on rates to be given to Langhoogte on the grounds that our local authority is one of the poorest municipalities in the Western Cape and by giving the rates departure instead of rating the WEF as industrial site they are depriving our municipality of extra income. The ratepayers of the TWK therefore have to carry the rates burden while wealthy farmers who are earning from the WEF are paying far less than they should. Not only are the ratepayers having to bear the costs but also as a result of the departure depriving TWK of needed income everybody in the TWK municipality are suffering from the lack of services. A BRAC member has also sent many e-mails to the Premier of Western Cape about the WEFs but has never received a reply apart from the automatically generated acknowledgement. This question has also not been adequately explained. All these questions and no one stepping up to take responsibility, wonder where that leaves the villagers of Bot River who came here for peace and tranquility.

SIGN UP FOR OVERBERG TRAIN by Annette Theron for TWK Gazette

A petition has been started for a passenger train service to return to the Overberg. Such a service is possible, but only if all residents along the line from Caledon to Somerset West get behind the initiative. At a community meeting held on 15 October, Mark Townsend, chairperson of the Bot River Aesthetics Committee (BRAC) said it was agreed that a petition was needed. He said a meeting of the Bot River station precinct plan steering committee, held on 5 September, was a watershed moment when Duma Goso, of the Passenger Rail Agency of SA (Prasa) said there is no reason why the Caledon passenger train should not return.! Read more


Op Sondag 24 November het Jacqui Januarie van Radio Sonder Grense bietjie die draadloos warm gesels met Botrivier se Thea Swanepoel, raakvatter vrou wie gehelp het om die Botrivier Kunsinisiatief op die been te bring. Thea het genoem dat hierdie gemeenskapsprojek die kinders ‘n rede gee om kreatief te wees en elkeen bring sy eie persoonlikheid na vore in sy kunswerkies. Die Kunsinisiatief is afhanklik van donasies van verf, kwassies en enige tipe materiaal waarop geverf kan word, kan aan hulle geskenk word. Hierdie projek dien ook die doel om kinders ‘n heenkome te gee sodat hulle nie in die strate ronddwaal nie. Kom kyk gerus die kunswerkies wat te koop is. Indien enigiemand dalk ‘n donasie of skenking wil maak, skakel gerus vir Thea op 083 531 6108. Read more


Naturally fermented, unfiltered and unpasturised

After living in Europe for several years, Mark and Analize ter Morshuizen from Honingklip Brewery just outside of Botrivier on the R43 road leading to Hermanus, learned to appreciate the wide range of European beers available, in particular the Belgian beers. On returning to South Africa, they set out to brew the beers they no longer had access to. That hobby turned into a new micro brewery, brewing a range of Belgian inspired ales from Saison, a light refreshing beer, with a touch of wheat a moderately spicy aroma, light fruity flavour and a dry finish to Wit, a zesty Belgian wheat beer, made with barley, wheat and oats, flavoured with coriander, camomile and lemon zest. Visit
Boston Breweries on tap at Botrivier Hotel shares more of the brewing process of craft beers.


Mind your step and watch your head on entering De Geheime Kelder “under” the Botrivier Hotel.

De Geheime Kelder is an initiative of the Botrivier Hotel, in order to create a space for local artists and craftsmen to showcase their unique creations. In 2013 “Mtini and Evets” moved into the community and expressed interest in participating in this exciting venture. “Mtini and Evets” is the brainchild of Michael du Plooy and Steven van Rooyen.

Mtini is Michael du Plooy, an artist who is currently serving on the council of the South African Society of Artists, he specializes in painting in Acrylics and also collaborates with Evets in creating installation pieces. Evets is Steven van Rooyen, a carpenter and sculptor that specializes in creating functional artpieces and furniture from mainly recycled wood and other recycled materials.

“Mtini and Evets” found similar principles in De Geheime Kelder, such as providing other artists and craftsmen the opportunity to create, showcasing the beauty of their natural environment and finding ways to preserve a more organic way of life. “Mtini and Evets” is proud to be associated with the Botrivier Hotel, who opened the doors of De Geheime Kelder to them in order to become a productive part of this beautiful community. Their latest work is currently on exhibit at the hotel’s very unique gallery. If one travels through the Overberg, don’t forget to have a locally crafted beer at the Botrivier Hotel, that will give you the opportunity to visit De Geheime Kelder and view their work. They will also be showcasing some of the best art and craft Botrivier has to offer

You can also experience the charm of the Hotel and see the biodiversity of the plantlife in the area. As De Geheime Kelder suggests, by its name: Botrivier is a hidden gem with something to offer for all visitors.


Botriver kicked off with their first Youth Cafe on 30th November. To make the 1st session more festive, they invited motivational speaker Jon Nicol Adams to set the scene for them last Saturday.

There are very few places for young people to go and hang out and get insightful information. Lots of young people end up in dangerous places because they have no other space to just be with their buddies and ‘chill out’. The great thing about youth cafes is that they are set up and run by the young people who use them.

Youth cafes come in all shapes and sizes and there is no set formula. The most important thing about a youth cafe is that it is set up by young people for young people and everything from planning, researching, decision making, fundraising and running of a cafe, under supervision of a responsible person; is aimed at empowering young people by giving them responsibility, creating a sense of ownership and commitment. That’s why youth cafes are very special.

What is a Youth Cafe?

A youth cafe is a safe, secure and alcohol free place where young people can relax and socialise. Different young people will come for different reasons: to enjoy other people’s company, hang out somewhere warm and meet friends, to get insightful information like career opportunities, access to the development of life skills and healthy lifestyle initiatives, to participate in activities, to use computers and other facilities, to get out of the house and spend constructive time with other young people and opportunities to function within a safe environment.

How are you going to manage the cafe?

This is one of the less exciting aspects of setting up a youth cafe, but it’s also one of the most important. Setting forth on this big adventure without a management structure would be like building a house with bricks but no cement; everything might look good but the slightest upset will send it all tumbling down.

From the very early stages of planning, we need an organised group of people who will make decisions about setting up and running the cafe under the responsible cafe manager Identified by Base! As you move further into the adventure this group becomes more and more important. The young people in Botriver can choose the structure of their management committee. The identified adult cafe manager will be part of the young people on their committee. Get local youth workers and parents involved. Remember that a certain level of adult support and involvement is essential and that the sooner everyone is engaged by the project the sooner you can all work together.

For more information one can contact: Odwa Mapu on 072 377 6685

Stay @ Botrivier Hotel!

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Trading hours: We are open seven days a week

Our restaurant and bar is now a WIFI hotspot, so come and tune in. We also host functions, birthdays, meals, accommodation and live music for individuals and groups.

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